A Round Up of the Best Immune Fighting Soups & Broths

A Round Up of the Best Immune Fighting Soups & Broths

Posted on March 11, 2020

With the current news and events making daily and often hourly headlines across the world, thoughts turn to the practical steps that can be taken to build immunity for illnesses of all types.  So we’ve rounded up a selection of our best broths and hearty soups for inspiration in these times. 

Cozy Chicken and Dumplings

A piping hot bowl of chicken and dumplings can bring joy and warmth to any cool fall or winter day. There are several different methods for making great dumplings. Some folks like a drop biscuit style dumpling which is thick and doughy. Others go for a feather dumpling approach which is more like a thick homemade noodle.

Leftover Lamb Stew

This unique dish that is sure to please all your picky eateries, lamb has become a holiday staple for most families during the holiday season. You don’t often think leftover lamb can be as delicious as the first taste, but you’ll be surprised by how versatile it can be! 

Cozy Turkey & Wild Rice Soup

The turkey is the memorable guest of honor at almost every Thanksgiving table and surely you’ll be craving it for days to come. This soup is great for leftover turkey or the perfect dish to gather around in the kitchen to make together.

Chicken Soup

Take a leaf out of grandma’s book and enjoy this hearty and immune building soup. This classic is a simple hands-off dish designed for less time in the kitchen and more time with the family spent around the table.

Ham Hock and Cabbage Soup

While March is the month we celebrate the Irish, this hearty ham hock and cabbage stew deliver nutrients packed with taste anytime you need a warming pickup. Ham Hocks are a great source of protein which is essential in the winter months for keeping your body working well.

Gamjatang Pork Bone Soup

For some added flavor that really packs a health punch, try this hearty Korean soup. Our pork is forested making it more nutrient-dense and flavorful. Pork bones contain many important vitamins and minerals like calcium and magnesium which are essential for a healthy immune system.

Keto Lamb-Bone Broth

Lamb bone broth contains collagen, marrow, protein, calcium, and amino acids. Consumed on its own for a nutrient boost or as a base to your favorite soup or stew, this lamb bone broth can simply be made at home from your bone-in leg of lamb.

Turkey Broth

Turkey bone broth is a great solution for those thanksgiving leftovers this year. Don't let any food go to waste this season with this highly nutritious broth packed with iron, vitamins A and K, fatty acids, zinc, and manganese.

Homemade Beef Stock

It’s a myth that beef roasts lose their quality and flavor the second time around. The juicy prime rib roast that was a huge hit for dinner last night can make a return appearance as a superstar leftover in homemade beef stock to keep the entire family cozied up this winter.

Chicken Stock

Use as a base for soups, stews, or strain and use it as chicken broth, this stock is packed with nutrition and flavor and easy to make. Containing collagen, amino acids, and marrow which are crucial for improving immunity and sleep.

Bone Broth for Slow and Pressure Cookers

The bone broth craze has been sweeping the globe for the past few years and for good reason. It's packed with healthy fats and with benefits from gut health to aiding sleep it’s on our go-to list for keeping us fighting fit. This version has notes for your preferred method -slow simmering or into the instant pot or pressure cooker.

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