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Yes You Can Buy Chlorine Free Chicken in the USA - from Grass Roots!
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Yes You Can Buy Chlorine Free Chicken in the USA - from Grass Roots!

Posted on March 07, 2019

Good news Meghan, you can get chlorine free chicken from the United States.

But it’s far and few between. The way food is produced in the US is becoming one of the most talked about topics, and we are glad to hear it. From not knowing what is in the food you eat to not knowing where it came from, there is a clear lack of transparency that makes you question, can any of this be really good for me?

You are not alone. The Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, has raised valid concerns about the way chicken is produced in the US. 97% of processing plants in the US bathe chicken in chlorine before they are packaged, a process that is banned in the EU. With this alarmingly high statistic, there are few places you can find chicken that is processed without chlorine in the US.

We do it differently. From day one, our chickens are raised on fresh pasture and treated humanely, a standard we pride ourselves on and follow through to processing. Our focus is on keeping our birds healthy and clean to begin with so we can produce clean meat. When it comes to harvesting and cleaning our chicken meat, we have a much more effective and gentle process than crude chlorine baths. At the end of the harvesting process, each chicken goes through a 20-second “dip” in an organic hydrogen peroxide and vinegar wash and then we air chill. No nasties ever - you can read more in our comprehensive post here.

Grass Roots is both your farmer and your butcher. And we know that the way the meat is processed is just as important as how it is raised. Try it for yourself, knowing that our product is fit for you and for a Duchess!

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