Our Cooperative Small-Scale USA Family Farms

Our Standards

Small Batch. Quality over Quantity.

We stay small for a reason. Our animals are raised happily in micro broods and herds. At this scale, we can ensure their quality of life. Our farmers have eyes on every animal every single day.

Farmer Owned. Ridiculously High Standards.

Our farmer-owned cooperative allows farmers to focus on what they do best. Our hands-on, craft processing means we have the highest standards from pasture to plate. And we’re committed to paying everyone in our value chain a living wage.

Totally Transparent. Healthy Eating.

You have the right to trust your food. We’ll tell you exactly where your meat comes from—from the farmer and pasture to the feed and processor.

Real Meat. Raised Right.

We’re proud of our animals and the farmers who raise them with the absolute highest standards. Each and every animal is raised outdoors with sunlight, fresh air and clean grass. Out of respect to the land and animals, we raise in small-batches and practice regenerative farming methods. This leads to the healthiest life for our animals and builds soil for generations to come. The result is profoundly better meat that is nutrient dense, full of flavor and good for the environment. Read all about our livestock standards here.

Meet Our Farmers

Happy Animals. Healthy Pasture.

The compassionate treatment of farm animals is incredibly important to us. That’s why we put care into our procurement choices and ensure the highest standards from birth to harvest. Our animals enjoy fresh pasture that is maintained and supported through regenerative farming methods. We prioritize the health of our animals and the land that allows us to continue providing the highest quality product to you.

Know Your Farmer & Your Food

We believe consumers should be connected to every step of where their food comes from. Our packages are labeled with the farm of origin and have QR codes. You can scan the package so you know exactly what family farm raised the animal, what it was fed and when it was processed. We also have an open farm policy so you can visit our farms to see what we are all about.

Family Farms We Work With

Falling Sky Farm, AR

Heifer Ranch, AR

The Other Side Farm, AR

Farm on Mill Creek Meadow, AR

Nash Cattle Ranch, AR

Osage Creek Farms, AR

Forevermost Farm, AR

Horst Family Farm, Tunas MO

Martin Farms, Tunas, MO

Prairie Grass Farm, Tunas, MO

Stauffer Farms, MO

Sunnyside Farm, Tunas, MO

Free Birds Farm, AR

Fresh Foods Farm, AR

Shady Grove Ranch, Jefferson, TX

Redger Farms, KS

Carman Ranch, Wallowa, OR

Winecup Gamble Ranch, NV

Probert Ranch, OR

Marksbury Farms, KY

Gibson Farms, NC

Dobson Farm, NC

Deering Farm, La Moille, IL

McChesney Farm , Bee Branch, AR

and always growing...

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